High Impact Matching Campaigns

Generate massive impact in a short period of time by tailoring the perfect formula out of the following time-tested ingredients:

Matchers - Your X Factor

Every flame starts with a match. Should you aim for 2X, 3X, or 4X return on each donation? We will help you decide how many matchers marks the X.

Time Framed - Clock Management

Time flies when you’re having fun. And no detail is too minute. Should you run a 12- 24- or 36-hour campaign? Together, we will craft a perfectly timed - yet timeless - experience.

Recognition Ignition - Giving Thanks

Technology enables you to honorably give your donors and doers their due in real time!


Should your campaign have the intensity of all-or-nothing or the elegance of flexibility? Our expert strategists will help you weigh the pros and cons.

Organizations who have successfully partnered with us include:

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From establishing your digital presence, to crafting the perfect marketing and communications plan, to consulting on the best fundraising strategy, our year-round white-label solutions will help color your world!

Perfect to power a wide-range of campaigns, such as:

Auction Campaigns

To reward giving with a chance to win big.

Capital Campaigns

Whether for a building or something else, everyone needs more capital.

Torah Campaign

Propel your universe to underwrite the Word.

Membership Drive

Givers give to a cause. Members become part of the cause.

Dinners and Galas

A live appeal that’s appealing? We make it possible!

Annual Campaigns

Let’s go on a date! Make the calendar your friend with a yearly fundraising bonanza.

Personal Campaigns

Enabling your leader.

We know that you can change the world. And we want to help. Design and launch your own crowdfunding campaign for any cause, anywhere, any time.

Congregation Ohr Hachaim

Give Tzurty Life!

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כולל חב"ד צפת

Fire Victims Emergency Fund

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Yad Malky Legacy Fund

Give for Malky

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Lieu of Gift Registry

Eli & Fraida

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Charidy was like a six-week crash course in best practices in fundraising. Better than that. Best practices in donor relationships as well. We were forced to know our story and learn how to say it. We were encouraged to think about who needed to hear our story and then make a plan to share it.

The event aspect made our entire school community feel like we were working together for such an important cause and we had a hard time leaving each other at the end of the first night. We couldn't wait to get back together in the morning to finish what we started. No one has ever felt so excited about having to wake up in the morning and make fundraising calls or pitch to a donor.

It's was an excellent learning experience that exceeded our expectations. Thanks to it we where able to expand our donor base and substantially increase our social media impact. We are eager to work with you again next year!

Donating through the Charidy framework not only provides us with an exciting opportunity to leverage our gift, it also ensures that our funds are directed towards organisations that have robust support from their respective communities.

Sharing the responsibility funding an organisation with hundreds of other donors enables us to set up the organisation for long-term sustainability and success.

The Baker Institute recently embarked on our first Charidy campaign. With the help of Charidy's advisors, and we were both impressed and surprised by the results.

Our donors found the leverage aspect of giving to the Charidy campaign compelling, and it provided a great platform to showcase our donors and our work.

We enlisted scientists and administrative staff to volunteer on campaign day and were so impressed with the turn out and enthusiasm levels, it was an amazing opportunity to bring everybody together.

We will likely do another Charidy campaign in the future as it was such a success for both our donors and staff, as well as a successful fundraiser that reengaged lapsed donors and introduced new supporters to our work.

The Charidy fundraising program enabled The King’s School to raise over $200,000 to facilitate a new educational scholarship. More amazing was that this was achieved in under 24 Hours - we hit our target within the first 10 hours.

As this was a new approach for the School, the presence and expertise of the Charidy Team ensured that we followed their proven method for success. We didn't have to reinvent the wheel and were able to draw on their experience to guide us. They took the time to understand the uniqueness of our school, the challenges we faced and the opportunities available, to tailor their program to maximise our impact.

I am keen to run this style of campaign as part of our annual appeal framework in the future to ensure we engage broadly across our School community.

As a fundraising professional working pro-bono on the planning and delivery of the Spiritgrow Charidy fundraising campaign I was overwhelmed by the successful outcome - 50% over our target - and it was all raised in 24 hours.

As a professional fundraiser for the last 30 years my only regret is that the Charidy method wasn't available. I am pleased to recommend Charidy to other fundraisers and suggest you have a look at their website as a first step for a successful journey.

Charidy has consistently given me an opportunity to challenge the organizations I support and care about to do more. As a Matcher on over 35 Charidy campaigns, I have found the platform to add value in consistent, predictable ways. The obvious value is leveraging my donation to bring in additional funds for the cause, but more importantly is the sense of excitement that Charidy brings to an organization. It rallies employees and supporters around the organization for a 24 hour period that is felt well beyond that time frame.

Thanks for all your help! We already sent out thank yous and I've been flooded with emails and calls from donors. They're so excited. Not only did we raise money, but we created such a great buzz about Hasbara Fellowships among students and others, and so many of our donors really feel identified with us today. So thank you!

Even though we exceeded our $100,000 target, our campaign wasn’t just about the money. It gave us the opportunity to re-engage our donors, involve our wonderful volunteers, and empower our staff to participate in fundraising and communication activities.

The campaign was such a positive experience for all involved and a great way to end a successful year.

Our experience with our first Charidy campaign has been overwhelmingly positive. Not only did the event bring our community of supporters together like never before (staff, volunteers, donors, clients and partners), we generated 4 x the revenue of our most successful campaign. We hit our target in just 2 hours!

We highly recommend Charidy and the team behind it. They will coach you and guide you every step of the way, and ensure that you succeed.

Thanks to the team at Charidy and their exceptional support we were able to raise over $420,000 to fund 2 means-tested scholarships – far exceeding our initial expectations!

The Charidy fundraising program helped us engage our entire community of current families, alumni, staff and volunteers to rally together and share the responsibility of our fundraising target.

We were constantly guided by Charidy’s advice and timely insights to ensure that no stone was left unturned in the lead-up and during our campaign. This, I believe, was a key factor in our success.

The process was a seamless experience, and I highly recommended the program to other schools to consider as part of their fundraising strategy.

The results from our campaign were unprecedented. Out of the 600+ Charidy donors, 211 of them were new emails that were not on our list! I thought that was a pretty impressive number!

I would like to share with you how impressed we were with the manner that Charidy, through yourself, conducted the Campaign together with us. Not only were you a pleasure to work with, and Sharon as well, but your initiatives, knowhow, timely and insightful suggestions, opportune directions, back-up and ready communication with us, was inspirational and unparalleled.

You guided us throughout ensuring we were on schedule with tasks and homework, and you were a gentle but clear voice assessing our preparatory progress and Campaign conduct.

We would readily commend your good offices to any non-profit seeking community support for their mission. We wish you much success and very much look forward to continuing our working relationship.

Charidy provided us with the ability to take our fundraiser to the entire community, ensuring that we raised awareness of our project and enabled us to bring on hundreds of new donors.

The team at Charidy were very professional and a pleasure to work with.

A little more than a week ago I suffered a devastating loss of a close friend. Without warning or time to say goodbye and for reasons we can’t understand a son, husband and dear friend was taken away. Shortly after the Levaya a group of his closest friends banded together with the purpose of creating a legacy foundation. There were several fund-raising options available to us but we chose Charidy.com for their expertise and sensitivity toward our situation.

Of all the decisions, we made over the next few days, deciding on Chardiy.com was easily the best one. We went from a couple of 20-year olds with an idea to a 200-thousand-dollar successful campaign all to the credit of Moshe, Noah and the entire team. Moshe who had a baby the day we contacted him but was fully available to us and made us his number 1 priority even though he was dealing with a massive personal event. Noah and the rest of the team created a gorgeous campaign that looked professional and respectful to the cause and what we are trying to achieve. Throughout the entire campaign the constant support and hands on involvement were instrumental in us reaching and surpassing our target.

With Charidy.com you are not only raising more funds than you could ever have dreamed of, you are acquiring a partner. The morning after the campaign was over, when most services send you a bill, Moshe and Noah spent almost an hour with us on the phone helping us plan our next step. Moshe ended our conversation letting us know he’s available any time and will help us until we are on our feet. For a young organization being in contact with good people who are experienced is one of the most vital parts of becoming successful. Moshe, Noah and the entire Charidy.com never treated us like a client, we were more than that, we were a team.

Initially we had our doubts as to whether the Charidy approach would work for our club. However, Charidy really understood the market and convinced us to have a crack.

The method employed by Charidy was amazing and really rallied a ground-swell of support for our cause. Charidy also provided us with all the necessary materials in order to make our job easier and provided huge support on the day – resulting in us exceeding our target in record time. Thanks Shuie and the team at Charidy!

A giant thank you to Roxanna and the whole Charidy team!
We are just overwhelmed with gratitude for the outcome and so impressed with how well it works.

It was also a great team building exercise for our Board and Staff and a great learning experience for how to approach fundraising.

I've already recommended Charidy.com to a friend at a small North Carolina non-profit museum and a friend associated with a Massachusetts non-profit.

They both donated to CCA personally and were fascinated to see how it was working watching our numbers grow on the Charidy website.

Charidy.com is a great resource for the non-profit world. May you continue to succeed and grow.

Muchas gracias!

Ezra Academy just completed a very successful fundraiser with Charidy. The amount of funds that were donated based on their crowdfunding methodology actually doubled our expectations. The Charidy family was very helpful and patient with all of our questions regarding this new method of fundraising.

Our fundraising specialist guided us each step of the way making sure we not only understood the protocol, but were also able to execute it properly. At times when we were unsure if we could pull everything together, she was always positive and encouraging which is crucial when planning a new event. Even when the campaign was live, She was there with us and helped us reach a new goal by securing additional donors. We would highly recommend Charidy to any organization looking for new fundraising initiatives.

Everyone at In One Voice wants to thank you for encouraging us to raise funds with Charidy, and for holding our hands and supporting us through the process.

We discovered that there are many many people out there who support our mission of bringing the Jewish community together, and deepening understanding of Jewish life and culture in the Australian community as a whole.

We were thrilled to find out that fundraising can be enjoyable and provide a bonding experience for our volunteers. The process also enabled us to reach out to people to let them know that the Festival was happening and what it was all about.

I wanted to thank the entire charidy team for the incredible effort and work you put into the campaign for us. I know without a doubt that you put in way more to this cause than what you got in return and I am extremely grateful for your team’s incredible flexibility, availability and effort to help us make it a rocking success. Thanks for getting through the explosive moments and pushing us all forward. For the past few months, it felt like our team grew by 10 people because each of you were so dedicated to making this a success. Our operations will feel empty without you all now. Thank you again for being not only professionals but truly sharing in the mission of Aleph #NoOneAlone #NoOneForgotten !!

I am happy to write in complete support of the Charidy Fundraising approach as well as the professional and support of the Melbourne Charidy team.

Maccabi Victoria has, in the last five or so years, raised on average $65,000, and this was becoming more of a struggle each year. The week long Telephone Appeal had become tiresome and extremely hard to enthuse people to make an effort…not to mention the difficulty in raising any significant level of funds.

The Charidy approach instead galvanised us in an extraordinary manner. Not only were we far more organised and energised, but the ‘pressure’ of an ‘all or nothing’ target plus the 24 hour time period saw us reach out to far more donors (especially major donors) than ever before. In addition, Peretz’s confidence that we should target $300,000 was extremely encouraging.

In the end, after an amazing process and, especially, the 24 hour Appeal period, we raised just under $400,000, over six times our previous annual average.

The Appeal has been an unqualified success and I am very happy to strongly recommend Peretz and his team to other community organisations seeking to raise their profile and, especially, significantly additional funds.

Thanks to Charidy we raised over $168K for Bayley House! The results far exceeded our expectations on many levels. We had a terrific experience with Charidy. Shuie and Sharon expertly managed our campaign and were readily available to help ensure that we were set for success.

The Charidy campaign model works. Our Board, community, staff, volunteers and donors all had an extremely positive experience. On the campaign day our operations room was a hive of activity; throughout the day there was a great buzz and atmosphere as we watched the campaign tally with excitement.

Our anticipated outcomes were exceeded and include:

-Acquisition of 188 new donors; 45% of our donations were from new donors
-Our community ties have been strengthened through the campaign
-Our Board and volunteers were enthusiastically engaged in the campaign
-Our Facebook following has increased by 34%
-We have successfully raised the profile of Bayley House through the extensive reach of social media demonstrated by the success of the campaign

We look forward to running our next Charidy campaign!

On behalf of Chabad Double Bay we thank Charidy for facilitating our recent second annual Charidy fundraising campaign.

Charidy has introduced us to a brand new way of fundraising taking advantage of the modern high tech world in which we live.

They were also highly professional and have a deep understanding of what makes a supporter want to give.

Peretz was an incredible hands on coordinator, a consultant and also a team player.

I have already advised many of my peers to utilise the Charidy program for their next fund raiser.

I'm proud that Lamplighters Yeshivah was one the pioneering organizations to use the Charidy platform and service. From the onset, we sensed there was something special here: an opportunity to leverage funds, reach more donors and tell our story. Now, over four years and four campaigns, we have raised close to one million dollars for our movement through Charidy. The team at Charidy is knowledgeable and cares. They understand and communicate the unique purviews of the micro-giver, the matchers and the organization. They are always evolving, ready to take risks to do better work. Yet more than a way to raise money and reach more donors, Charidy campaigns give your organization the mic for 24 hours-- the earned permission to loudly share your passions, stories and impact to the whole wide world. And that value is immeasurable.

Working with Charidy is an absolute pleasure!

The team at Charidy are eager to help and it makes running an appeal a breeze. They provide automated receipts, examples of social media campaign images, help with strategy, call scripts and step-by-step guides which makes running a campaign very easy and straightforward.

I have and would recommend Charidy to any school or organisation.