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We have had the honor to work with some of the world's most impressive nonprofits. These partnerships have blossomed into long-standing relationships, of which we are extremely proud. Watch what we've accomplished together.

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Charidy 360° is a comprehensive suite of fundraising solutions to address any and all of your fundraising needs.

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Comment (et pourquoi) Charidy fonctionne

We studied charitable giving throughout history and identified a few core principles. Guided by these insights, we built Charidy - the fastest growing crowdfunding platform and consulting service for nonprofits.

High Impact Matching Campaigns

Generate massive impact in a short period of time by tailoring the perfect formula out of the following time-tested ingredients:

Matchers - Your X Factor

Every flame starts with a match. Should you aim for 2X, 3X, or 4X return on each donation? We will help you decide how many matchers marks the X.

Time Framed - Clock Management

Time flies when you’re having fun. And no detail is too minute. Should you run a 12- 24- or 36-hour campaign? Together, we will craft a perfectly timed - yet timeless - experience.

Recognition Ignition - Giving Thanks

Technology enables you to honorably give your donors and doers their due in real time!


Should your campaign have the intensity of all-or-nothing or the elegance of flexibility? Our expert strategists will help you weigh the pros and cons.


Prêt à maximiser le potentiel de vos donateurs?

Le personnel de Charidy vous encadre du début jusqu'à la réussite de votre campagne!

Mobilisez plus de personnes

Des partisans passifs surgissent de partout pour assurer la réussite de votre campagne.

Recueillez plus d'argent.

Les donateurs versent des dons plus importants par l'entremise de Charidy que par les méthodes traditionnelles.

Faites plus de bien.

Les campagnes durent seulement 24 heures. Au lieu de passer votre temps à collecter de l'argent, passez votre temps à l'utiliser!