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7 Nonprofit Terms we Need to Change [Part 1]

Confession. I’m no veteran of the nonprofit space. My background is in marketing, branding, technology, music … anything but nonprofit. Before you all run screaming for the hills. I grew up in this space. I watched my parents and older siblings live, breathe and fundraise for their nonprofit. So it was a natural move for me […]


The Time Traveler’s Guide to Charitable Giving

We live our lives as limited beings within the borders of time and space. And as much as we seek a certain transcendence of thought, word or action, without these natural, physical limitations governing our days and years, we would not exist. And that’s not going to change. Or is it? Our lives have been […]

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Goodbye Millennials, Hello Generation Z

Dear nonprofit leaders—I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is you’ve finally mastered the art of Millennial engagement. You’ve read the blog posts, spent night and day to decipher the inner chambers of the Millennial mind, and you’ve mastered it. Job well done. The bad news is: Generation Z is coming a-knocking. […]


How “Trickle-up Charity” Can Save the World

Today’s mega-rich philanthropists – Warren Buffet, Bill and Melinda Gates, Mark Zuckerberg – are putting billions towards advancing our world and solving some of its most pressing problems. But while huge sums benefit countless people, the facts show that the giant hole of need is actually growing faster than it can be filled. Relatively speaking, […]


The Magical Matching Tour

Matching campaigns are key to creating unity and financial sustainability for your nonprofit. At their essence, these campaigns nurture a community of interdependent givers, whose gifts act as leverage for other larger and smaller donations, reaching an excitement that exceeds merely giving. Sounds great, right? But how do you make this matching-magic work for you […]


The Donor Lifecycle Map: Strategies for Obtaining, Retaining and Upgrading Gifts [Upcoming Webinar]

Exclusive Webinar For Charidy Academy Members You have conducted a successful Charidy campaign. You have major donors matching countless gifts – some of which are from new donors and others from ongoing. But what happens next? How do you keep all of these contributors? What steps do you take to ensure their ongoing giving? What […]

Engagement Marketing

Engagement Marketing is the New Black

Life never goes as planned. You may set out on one specific path and quickly find yourself on another, drastically different path—maybe even going a different direction. Why should we expect anything different from our marketing? We plan for our audience to hear one message, but what we don’t plan for are all the things […]


[AUDIO] How One Nonprofit Raised 80% of Their Budget for 2017 in a Single Campaign

Our Chief Innovation Officer, Moshe Hecht, interviews Rabbi Eliyahu Rivkin of Chabad of Northridge to discuss the dream, the challenges, and the incredible results of cumulatively raising 80% of this year’s budget in his most recent Charidy campaign.

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The Perfect Storm for Online Fundraising

Originally posted on Guidestar. So you want to be successful in online fundraising? Ready to take 2017 by the reins and make an exponential impact? Well, the first thing you need to know is, you’re gonna have to learn to dance. To juggle the yin and the yang. To bring balance to your Force. Or […]


Millennials Shmillenials: Working Together for One Cause

There have always been Millennials. We’ve known them by other names of course. Explorers. Inventors. Witches. Heretics. Revolutionaries. As generations rise and ebb, the younger generation has consistently challenged the values and mores of their elders. And, most of the time, immense progress was achieved—revolutions and movements. But other times, it was a reversion to […]