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Millennials Shmillenials: Working Together for One Cause

There have always been Millennials. We’ve known them by other names of course. Explorers. Inventors. Witches. Heretics. Revolutionaries. As generations rise and ebb, the younger generation has consistently challenged the values and mores of their elders. And, most of the time, immense progress was achieved—revolutions and movements. But other times, it was a reversion to […]

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Here’s Why Your Major Donor Is About to Give You the Boot

Ever wonder why two organizations with the same mission and passion—both possessing teams of equally amazing and dedicated individuals, both sources of goodness in the world—can differ so vastly in the amount of financial support they receive? Last week, I heard about a major benefactor of a nonprofit who called up the director and exclaimed, […]

The Modern Art of Fundraising

The Modern Art of Fundraising: Interview with Alan Secter of YU

Fundraising is an art. The great masters are not merely inspirational, they enable us to see the world, and ourselves, in whole new ways. And like art, “good” fundraising often just isn’t good enough. It’s got to be great to be noticed; masterful to change lives; passionate to draw others into it and awaken their […]

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Non Profits are Thinking About Crowdfunding All Wrong

Originally featured on Crowdfund Insider. We don’t do crowdfunding. I can’t tell you how often I hear these words, spoken with such confidence, by the head of a major non-profit. I’ve come to realize there are many reasons for this initial hesitation, and it’s a combination of many things, but mostly fear. Fear of innovation. […]


Is snail mail really dead?

We are constantly changing. To be a living, breathing individual on this earth means that we must embrace the change. What we did yesterday does not dictate our actions today. And what was “in” three months ago is suddenly crammed into the dark recesses of our too small NYC closets. It’s the way the world […]


Donors are not “ATM” machines.

What really irks me as a donor, is that the only time that I hear from the organisations I give to, is when they want something from me. Normally it’s money. Sometimes it’s an event that they would like me to come to, also typically involving some kind of monetary commitment on my end. Don’t […]

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When your Board seems bored.

According to a study by Nonprofit Governance Index, the boards of nonprofit organizations hold the gold medal for inefficiency. While we all generally strive to be #1, this particular title is not the type we should be proud of. Don’t worry (too much), this is both good news and bad news. Usually, you can choose […]

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Ask Not. The Power of An Ask-Less Event

Ask Not. The Power of An Ask-Less Event Over the last year or so, I’ve had the privilege of packing boxes at my local Tomchei Shabbos about twice a month.  I started out driving routes, but found something really fulfilling about physically packing food for those in need.  I’m ashamed to admit it, but this […]


The 5 most important Social Influencers.

Effective Communication is a sophisticated art that is ever evolving. Between hieroglyphics, courier pigeon, pony express, tin cans, and telephone calls, we’ve been doing it since the beginning of time.   But, “the times, they are a changin” (Bob Dylan).   In the NPO ecosystem, communication is absolutely key— you know that already. It’s important to constantly […]


It’s not you, It’s me

  Are you tired? Drained? Feeling like an automated fundraising machine? Hopeless? Discouraged? Uninspired? (Cue the infomercial music)   Yes, I know, because I can tell.   In the Fundraising space we hear the same thing over and over again.  My donor base is exhausted, I can’t ask again.  You are right, you shouldn’t ask […]