March of the Living - Australia

Remembering the Past, Investing in the Future.


March of the Living Australia needs your help, and today we have the power to take our work to the next level.  

Partner with us and 'Invest in Our Future', ensuring that every Jewish student who shows a genuine interest in 'Remembering the Past', is granted an opportunity to experience their heritage in a real way! 

 Due to your generosity during last year's campaign we were able to assist 19 students; 4 madrichim; and a Counsellor . Please support us this year as we endeavour to help many more young Jewish students experience this incredible journey. 



Every cent you donate will be TRIPLED by our three groups of generous benefactors, to help us reach our goal. Type in the amount you want to give and it will multiply by three. We will then display how great your impact is and how much we will receive.

Remember: The campaign is ALL OR NOTHING – we must raise the full amount within 24 hours, or your donation will not be processed. 



About March of the Living

March of the Living is a unique immersive educational program that takes year 11 students (and adults) to Poland to engage in a hands-on study of pre-war Jewry, the Holocaust and the resurgence of Jewish life in Poland today, as well as to Israel to experience Yom Hazikaron and Yom Haatzmaut, whilst immersing in key elements of the history, culture, physical beauty, achievements and challenges of modern Israel.


Friends of March of the Living: Rodney and Bev Horin, Steven and Sharon Singer, Norma and Jack Hoppe, Gregoria and Olga Boursinos, Gary Peer and Associates, Louis Weingarten, Ruth and Jeff Kestenberg, Kuba Zilberstein, Tammy and Trevor Roth, Bernie and Minna Stang, Ada and Ed Gurgiel, Peter and Anat Nadler, Cedric and Ruth Geffen, Renny and Lily Rychter.


Original Goal $80,000 AUD
New Bonus Goal $95,000 AUD
84% Complete
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This campaign completed successfully on
Sun, November 5, 2017 6 PM (EST)

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