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Your fundraising specialist is highly experienced in effective fundraising and NPO marketing. He/she will guide you through the entire process to ensure maximum success, even after your successful campaign.
Your campaign manager will overlook the entire process to ensure you have everything you need and that everything is running according to plan, taking that burden off your shoulders!
Please note: This is an estimate. Exact amount will vary depending on the amount of donors and credit card vs. ACH donations.
Charidy is your
360˚ fundraising solution.
We pride ourselves on not only providing you with our cutting-edge platform and technology, but also a top-tier, new-age fundraising and marketing consultancy, sparing you the hassle (and additional fees) of hiring a marketing or consulting firm. Keeping it all in-house makes Charidy your one-stop fundraising shop!
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Team of Experts

Technology Platform

Goal Setting Analysis

Matcher Training

Marketing Program

Operations Room

Post Campaign Guidance

Team of Experts
Technology Platform
Goal Setting Analysis
Matcher Training
Marketing Program
Operations Room
Post Campaign Guidance
Our team of fundraising and marketing specialists will hold your hand each step of the way!
  • Personal Fundraising Specialist
  • Personal Campaign Manager
  • Customer Support on chat / email / phone
  • Representatives in the US, Israel and Australia
  • Personal Graphic Designer
    Personal creative writer / PR writer
Our website, multilingual and International currency support, and many more valuable features are provided to create a seamless and efficient fundraising experience.
  • The Charidy platform and all it’s visible features
  • Mobile optimized site
  • Corporate Matching Program with partnership check out our blog post!
  • Thousands of Charidy members, many with stored payments, making it easier to donate quickly and efficiently. 15% of all Charidy donations come from the Charidy community.
  • Multi-language interface and support
  • Available in 5 languages: English, Spanish, Russian, French and Hebrew
  • Processing in 6 currencies: USD, EUR. GBP, AUD, NIS, CAD
  • Admin Panel to create and edit your campaign
  • NEW! ACH Processing. Cost under $5 for ANY amount. This will significantly reduce processing fees. (US Only)
  • CRM integration
  • Data Records
  • Unique Referral URL’s to track donation source
  • Post Campaign Analytics
  • PCI Compliant
  • Website security by
  • Rackspace hosting, with an increased number of servers to prevent site crashes.
By studying organizations’ fundraising history and social equity, amongst other essential components, our thorough vetting process will help you maximize the size of donations and set an ambitious yet attainable goal.
  • Detailed vetting questionnaire
  • Phone vetting consultation
Our proprietary goal setting analysis has greatly contributed to our 99% success rate!
Our Fundraising Specialists are trained and experienced in major gift solicitation. Using Charidy’s unique ask, we will train you on how to identify and approach the appropriate donors, ensuring they understand the impact they will achieve through matching a Charidy campaign for your organization.
  • Help you identify Matchers
  • Train you on how to approach large donors
  • Matcher training video series and webinars
  • Matcher white paper
  • Matcher pledge letters
  • Exclusive Matcher landing page on
  • Join you at Matcher meetings
Our tailor-made marketing program covers all the essentials to ensure your campaign and your organization gets the exposure it needs to succeed!
  • ‘Rock the Clock’ proprietary marketing program
  • Four training meetings/webinars
  • Email and social media text templates
  • Email and social media graphic design templates
  • Complimentary Graphic Designer
    A custom branded campaign theme see sample
    Tailored marketing strategy for your organization
The operations room is your central hub of operations for the day of the campaign. This is where the magic happens. Your volunteers and organization staff work together to reach all your potential donors. We provide all the technical and motivational tools you need to succeed and enjoy yourself while you’re at it!
  • Support on setup and arrangement
  • Customized calling scripts and credit card forms
  • Volunteer training (via web)
  • Projector-view campaign page for the operation room
  • Customized package of motivational and practical goodies e.g. confetti, blowhorns, raffle tickets, trophy necklaces—all tried and tested motivational techniques
    Phone call management system (coming soon...)
    Full computer and phone call center set up (coming soon...)
    On-site operations room managers (for $250k+ campaigns in the Tri-State, Israel, Australia --- $1M campaigns anywhere in the world)
You’ve reached your goal! But it doesn’t end there. We will provide valuable insights from your campaign and assist you on engaging and retaining your donors year-after-year.
  • Tailored donor engagement and retention program
  • Donor analytics
  • Email and graphic templates for post-campaign
  • Social Media strategy
  • Full Access to Charidy Academy Visit Charidy Academy

Charidy's brand is SUCCESS.

With our standard offerings, you will receive all the tools and support you need to engineer the success of your campaign. You do not require the premium offerings to succeed. But, if you choose to use your campaign as a larger marketing effort to define and share your story with the wider masses, our premium features have you covered.

Below is a list of these special features. As indicated, certain services are included at no extra cost, depending on your overall campaign goal. And even if your goal is below the prescribed amounts, if you would still like to benefit from our premium features, the service fees will be deducted only if your campaign succeeds!

Personal Graphic Designer
INCLUDED $500K+ | Under $500k = $500 off your campaign.
Personal Creative/PR Writer
INCLUDED: $1M+ | Under $1M = $500 off your campaign.
Unique Referral URL's to track donation source
INCLUDED: $300K+ | Under $300k = $200 off your campaign.
Join you at Matcher meetings
INCLUDED: $1M+ | Under $1M = $1,800 off your campaign.
Custom Branded Campaign Theme
INCLUDED: $5M+ | Under $5M = $3,000 off your campaign.
Automated Phone Call Software (coming soon...)
INCLUDED: $1M+ | Under $1M = $60 per user.
Full Computer and Call Center Setup (coming soon...)
INCLUDED: $1M+ | Under $1M = $1000 off your campaign.
On-site Operations Room Manager
An overview of what Charidy offers and what Charidy and the credit card processor get
- only if you succeed!
Enter your estimated goal amount on the green dotted line, to get an overview of the breakdown.
Estimated goal:
Enter a larger goal to see calculation
This goal amount is raised from 3 matchers (or 3 groups of matchers) + the crowd
Matcher 1
Matcher 2
Matcher 3
The Crowd
Organization Receives:
% of the gross sum raised.

Services include:
  • Team of Experts
  • Technology Platform
  • Goal Setting Analysis
  • Matcher Training
  • Marketing Program
  • Operations Room
  • Post Campaign Guidance
Charidy Service Fee:
2.9% of the gross sum raised.

This includes all funds raised from the Matchers as well as the crowd.
* Please note: This is an estimate. Exact amount will vary depending on the amount of donors and credit card vs. ACH donations.
CC Processor Fee
Credit Card (USA)
2.9% + 30¢ (p/donation) fee of amount raised from crowd.
ACH Bank Transfers
0.8% - Maximum $5

This does not include the money raised from the Matchers. It is only deducted from the 25% raised from the crowd within the 24 hours.