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One Small Step for Chinuch, One Giant Leap for Our Future

Since 5768/2008, MEF has given hundreds of teachers the tools to bring the same fire and passion to Chabad Chinuch that sustained past generations.

For the next 24 hours, help us take the next big leap to give today’s students the knowledge, spirit and bitachon to grow as confident champions of Yiddishkeit.

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That first step…

“A Chassidishe Chinuch”—we all want it, but what is it? A list of subjects? An educational theory? A style of dress?

From the Rebbe’s earliest Sichos, a vision emerges of what a Chassidishe Chinuch creates:

  • Someone who feels genuinely freed by the infinity of Torah, rather than trapped by the limits of the world

  • Someone who trusts in Hashem’s steadfast blessings rather than fearing the flux of the stock market

  • Someone who uses society’s progress to shine the light of Torah, rather than filtering Torah through the lens of society

These are the convictions that were absorbed by two generations of Chassidim, driving thousands of Shluchim to “ker a velt” in remarkable ways.

Inching forward…

But Chinuch today is more complex than ever, with never-before-seen challenges. Parents and educators struggle to convey the sense of wonder and freshness that sustained previous generations.

As the Jewish world aspires to “be more like Chabad,” some among us question if we are succeeding in sharing the “mindset of Moshiach” in our own classrooms and homes.

Taking the leap…

Do you still believe in the power and possibility of a genuine Chabad education? We do.

As the greater Chabad community explores ways to reinvigorate our Chinuch system, Menachem Education Foundation is building a thoughtful, uplifting and effective structure for delivering the best of these practices to students.

To date, our educators’ resources have enhanced the Jewish education of 11,700 children in 55 cities around the world. One step at a time. We do this by articulating goals for student outcomes, and we hold ourselves accountable at every step of the way.

If you are invested in Chabad education, invest in Menachem Education Foundation.


For more information about the Menachem Education Foundation or call 718-663-7215. Thank you!


Upon request, a copy of Menachem Education Foundation's annual report is available by either writing to MEF at 411 Kingston Avenue, Suite 300, Brooklyn NY 11225 or from the New York State Attorney General’s Charities Bureau at Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, 3rd Floor, New York, New York 10271


MEF’s Vision for Chabad Schools

Every graduate of a Chabad school will:

1.       Possess the knowledge, values and strength of conviction to make and maintain a lifelong commitment to Torah and Mitzvos.

2.       Possess belief in Hashem and cultivate feelings of love, awe and trust in Him, and an awareness of His detailed and loving involvement in our lives.

3.       Strive to realize the vision of the Rebbe and of Chabad Chassidus, in their personal lives and in the world.

4.       Be an independent and literarily astute reader of Judaic texts in their original language.

5.       Have the personal and life skills necessary to lead a self-sustaining life in today’s world.

6.       Be an individual of refined character, showing consideration to others and extending both material and spiritual help.

7.       Face his or her life with a sense of joy, confidence, and personal empowerment.

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