Charidy for Personal Causes

We know that you can change the world. And we want to help.

Design and launch your own crowdfunding campaign, anywhere, anytime, and for any cause. From medical emergency to gift registry, you don’t have to be a Nonprofit to work with Charidy.

Memorial Campaign

Galvanized giving when tragedy strikes and the unthinkable happens.

Disaster Relief

Inspiring “supernatural” responses to natural disasters.

Medical Emergencies

Helping families and friends help families and friends.

Gift Registry

Celebrate your special day by giving your friends the opportunity to donate in your honor to your favorite cause.

Our Vetting Process

With a selective process, we work with causes that possess three critical components of which qualify a personal cause for success and the ability to push past your personal network and into a wider community of donors.



For a campaign to succeed in crossing the rift between one’s personal networks and a broader community - the ‘why’ – must motivate, inspire and compel. A campaign must express a human need, one that can relate to anyone. The donor should be able to understand there is an honest need for help and an attainable solution in which they can actively play a role.



A core network, or community, of supporters who will give and share to build initial and critical momentum. These networks can be family and friends, work colleagues, neighbors, like-minded activists in a related space, religious community, or others.



Your campaign must be credible. In our experience, an individual’s cause faces higher than average skepticism despite its credibility. To assert integrity you must be able to get references from respected members of the community and the assistance of a nonprofit for the management of funds.

In combining these three core components, a campaign is immeasurably more likely to inspire the wider community to contribute and ensure a successful campaign.

If you believe your cause fits these criteria please click below!

Live Campaigns

Tip Payment Model

As a way to give back to the community and make our impact in the world, Charidy offers personal cause campaigns for free. Charidy’s revenue comes from working with nonprofit organizations, allowing us to service the needs of personal causes with 0% platform fees. Ensuring that the maximum amount of money is provided to personal causes in the most dire of times.

To grow this service even further we offer the option for donors to ‘tip’ the platform a percentage of the funds donated.

Charidy Personal Cause Stories

Kehaty Family Fund

Campaign Date: March 11, 2015

A heart condition prevented Nadiv Kehaty from getting life insurance. In the days following his tragic passing, an entire community rallied together to raise essential funds for the wife and children, who must now live without him.

Number of Donors: 2327

Amount Raised: $ 702,398

Give Dinush a Chance

Campaign Date: November 12, 2016

Born with a congenital disorder that connected her lungs and esophagus, Dinush had never been able to eat or drink. Thanks to the contributions from 5,306 members of the global Charidy community, over $450,000 was raised to provide a life saving surgery that gave Dinush a chance at a comfortable, healthy, and regular life.

Number of Donors: 5340

Amount Raised: ₪ 1,750,424,398

Give Tzurty Life!

Campaign Date: May 21, 2017

A young woman, far from home, fighting a sudden and rare disease. A husband struck with the terror that he might lose his wife. And the community that rose to the challenge and raised critical funds to compensate for the staggering medical expenses weighing heavily on the young couple.

Number of Donors: 8490

Amount Raised: $ 545,284

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