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Jacqui and Horatio Kemeny

New Bonus Goal $250,000

Wow! We hit our goal, we can reach even higher! Thanks to an additional donor we have activated a bonus round and every donation will now be doubled! That means your donations will be doubled until we hit $250,000!!

Accidental Talmudist

Accidental Talmudist: It's On!

Thank you all for your support!

If you are visiting the site after the clock ran out, please head over to to help #TurnOnSoul

On Soul. Online. On a Mission. 

Sal & Nina Litvak and their team at Accidental Talmudist reach over a million followers with their posts and live shows on Jewish wisdom, music, and traditions. Every day, they turn on souls by making Judaism entertaining and inspiring to all.

People like Libby K. of Pensacola, FL, who knew she was Jewish but had no Judaism in her life until she found us. Now she lights Shabbos candles every week, and so does her daughter, and her granddaughter.

And Lou N. of Woodstock, IL who wrote, "I am not Jewish and I have learned so much from your postings. I love your stories. I think it’s important to let people know when the work they do touches lives."

And Mohammad N. of Lahore, Pakistan, who now has a personal connection with the Jewish people, and a source of true information about us and Israel.

Now Accidental Talmudist has a phenomenal opportunity to spark countless more souls like Libby, Lou, and Mohammad. 

Today you have the power to flip the “on-switch!” 

By joining this campaign, you help Jews rediscover Judaism, and non-Jews discover a source of wisdom to augment their own journeys. You increase peace in the world and awaken the collective soul of the internet to the Soul of the Universe.


  • Increase and improve our video content. To compete with well-funded digital content creators, we must improve the technical quality of our live shows, and hire a small crew to create high impact Youtube videos.

  • Invest in publicity. Our surprising success in bringing Jewish wisdom to a worldwide audience is a great story. Publicizing it in the media will bring more people into our tent and create wonderful learning opportunities. 

  • Create live events to bring community members together for fun, meaningful service projects like our “Super Bowl Party for the Homeless."

  •  Grow our vibrant community by a million followers. Augmenting our organic growth with Facebook ads will enable us to reach many more people who are thirsty for wisdom and purpose. 

Every dollar donated is QUADRUPLED!
Each dollar donated to Accidental Talmudist will be matched
by our three generous benefactors up to our goal of $200,000.

Remember: The campaign is ALL OR NOTHING – we must raise the full amount within 24 hours, or all donations will be returned.


Ever since Sal Litvak completed the 7 ½ year Daf Yomi course in Talmud Study, he’s been sharing the wisdom and beauty of Judaism’s oral tradition with the world. This is the core mission of Accidental Talmudist. 

On Soul - Accidental Talmudist stirs souls around the world through four principal paths: Torah, music, humor, and prayer.

Online - Accidental Talmudist elevates social media into a powerful force for good. Sal & Nina have created a vibrant virtual community of over a million souls in 70 countries. We all learn together and support each other.

On a Misson - For 2,500 years, God has challenged the Jewish people to be a “light unto the nations.” Generally this has meant preserving the Jewish way of life through insular communities. In recent centuries, it has also meant harnessing Jewish intellect to advance every secular endeavor from science and medicine to art and literature. Now Accidental Talmudist is fulfilling its original meaning by sharing the light of Judaism with everyone, and thereby increasing peace everywhere.



This campaign is made possible by our generous matchers!

Jacqui & Horatio Kemeny in memory of Robert Kemeny
אר׳ בן בנימין
GFF Inc. in honor of my pals Sal, Nina
and last but not least, Moshe Storch
for making Yiddishkeit accessible to all
and fun again. Wishing you unlimited Hatzlkacha!

Samuel and Helene Soref Foundation by Michele Breslauer & Jeffrey Abrams, Stephanie & Alan Breslauer, and Irma & Ben Breslauer
Wanda & Avi Peretz
Izzy Serebrowski
Yekusiel Kalmanson
Janett & John Schor In honor of Sal and Nina Litvak
and the important work they do
Minette & Simon Rubin
Blumenthal Family Philanthropic Fund. Dedicated to my childhood pal - what
a long strange trip it's been! 
Anonymous L'Refuah Shleima Ahuva Gittle Bas Chaya Rochel v'Tizku Lmitzvos

Original Goal $200,000 USD
New Bonus Goal $250,000 USD
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This campaign completed successfully on
Wed, February 21, 2018 3 PM (EST)

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