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New Bonus Goal £1,180,000

Wow! We hit our goal, we can reach even higher! Thanks to an additional donor we have activated a bonus round and every donation will now be doubled! That means your donations will be doubled until we hit £1,180,000!!

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Your generosity today will enable AISH UK to reach and inspire Jewish students around the UK.

And we need YOU to be a part of it. In fact we can’t do it without you.

WE HAVE JUST 24 HOURS to raise £1 Million for AISH!  

With your help today, you will allow us to continue to inspire young Jews with the most cutting edge Jewish programming, dynamic speakers and your help will enable us to expand in growing Jewish communities like Essex and Bristol.


EVERY £1 counts.

Please click the DONATE button to the right and help us to inspire a new generation of young British Jews.



Every £1 donated to AISH during this 24-hour period is QUADRUPLED!

Your £125 gives Aish £500 which allows us to subsidize one more student to come on a life changing trip to Poland

Your £180 gives Aish £720 Honour your favourite AISH educator!

Your £250 gives Aish £1,000 which will provide a week of programming on campus

Your £360 gives Aish £1,440 so we can give another 200 students inspiring and delicious Shabbat Meals around the UK

Your £1,250 gives Aish £5,000 so we can give 10 student subsidies so they can be part of a life enhancing Israel experience

Your £2,500 gives Aish £10,000 to host a social action trip for 30 students to visit Tikva, Odessa 

Remember: The campaign is ALL OR NOTHING – we must raise the full £1 MILLION within 24 hours or all donations will be returned.

Because of your help up until now:

In just over a 23 years, and because of you, Aish has been able to impact tens of thousands students, young professionals and community members in the UK and across 25 schools and 10 University campuses.

There’s no time to lose – DONATE NOW!

THANK YOU to our generous donors, some of whom have supported us throughout the years, but who have significantly increased their offers of support to make this campaign possible. THANK YOU to several new donors, including a few who wanted anonymity.

We thank you all so much:

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Aish UK was created in 1993 to offer inspiring and relevant Jewish education and experiences for young Jews in the UK.

We believe that when we stop judging others and start listening, then people are willing to ask, to debate, to share and to engage. We also believe that the Jewish tradition is not only deep and fulfilling, but also relevant, engaging and compelling to the young person today.

Over the past 23 years, theory has been born out by practice. The demand for trips, events and courses has grown enormously. Today Aish serves almost every high school with a sizeable Jewish population, and Uni J-Socs from Durham to Bristol. We run young professionals branches and programmes in Manchester, Hampstead, Essex and the City of London.




Your support will allow us to make history and accomplish this amazing goal.


Rabbi Daniel Rowe, and the Aish UK team

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New Bonus Goal £1,180,000 GBP
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Tue, November 22, 2016 10 AM (EST)

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