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The Aleph Institute

Aleph: No One Alone



A world where each and every person is seen for what lies beneath the surface - not as an embodiment of past circumstances or mistakes, but as a pure essence, a pure soul, with infinite potential for goodness.

Help us make this a reality.



Every penny you donate is QUADRUPLED! For every dollar you give, the Aleph Institute will receive $4 by our three generous benefactors, to help us reach our goal of $1,000,000.

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Your support will allow us to ENSURE that no one is alone or forgotten!



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Shirley Shokrian, Richard Maize, Shimon Haber, SGM, Darioush Mahboubi, Howie Fialkov, Kambiz Baboff, Steve Spira

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Caring for the needs of the most forgotten demographics in American Jewish society, The Aleph Institute provides crucial spiritual, emotional and financial assistance for people in limited environments.  This includes thousands of military personnel in the United States armed forces, isolated men, women, and adolescents who are incarcerated or institutionalized, and their families.  

Living up to its mandate, “No One Alone, No One Forgotten” The Aleph Institute's team of over 30 staff and 400+ volunteers extend a loving hand and a warm embrace to these human beings who often need it the most.

One worried mother, whose worries were addressed by Aleph's team, wrote: "You.... have brought me air when I didn't know where my next breath was coming from. You have picked up my pieces when I felt feeling whole again was useless.  I am not alone because of you and [the] Aleph Institute.”

Since its founding, in 1981, Aleph has provided 3 main functions: family services, prison services and military services.  Acting as an ecclesiastical endorsing agency for the Department of Defense, the Aleph Institute hosts an annual military shabbaton and regular ongoing trainings for military chaplains. Aleph’s prison services division maintains ongoing communications with prison chaplains regarding Jewish practice and holidays, and its prison advocacy branch acts to protect the constitutional, religious, and human rights of its constituents. The advocacy branch, which fields over 1,000 requests per month, also engages in alternative sentencing work and at-risk youth programs (through its Project Tikvah program) that include diversion from prison and securing treatment.    

For the hundreds of families struggling at home, Aleph’s family services division provides financial, emotional, and professional assistance, facilitating much needed stability for the children and spouses of inmates. When a parent or spouse is incarcerated, the impact on the child or the other spouse’s life is enormous. People often judge them, but Aleph is there as their extended family, preserving stability and normalcy in their lives. Through urgent financial assistance, eviction abatement, long term financial planning, support groups, and arranged therapies, Aleph is there to help get them out of state of emergency and help them navigate their challenges as smoothly as possible. We don’t judge, We act! In addition to the hundreds of families we helped, over this past summer, through “The Aleph Institute Jonathan Stampler camp fund” Aleph sent nearly 100 children (with a parent in prison) to summer camps for a meaningful and fun-filled summer.

As a part of its religious services, Aleph distributes thousands of religious items throughout the year to families, military personnel and prisons, including holiday materials for the High Holidays, Sukkos, Chanukah, Purim, Pesach and Shavous, and religious items for year-round. More than 1,000 people participate in Aleph’s Jewish correspondence courses and Aleph’s team of rabbinical students visit over 500 prisons in 45 states in the summer each year. They also arrange and conduct High Holiday services in institutions nationwide.

A recent elderly man who gets no visits from family, and recently received a visit from Aleph volunteers, sent in a moving letter: “Two young students came to visit. With them they brought compassion, kindness, [and] a love that lit up a darkened place.  They lit the candles that existed in each of us. They motivated the unmotivated. They made the uninterested become interested. They reminded us by their actions of our great fortune to be G-d's children. They lifted us up and gave us more to think about. They shared their knowledge on a wide range of subjects. They made me smile so many times.."

“Aleph is, at its core, a reflection of the mission that no one shall be left behind.  Whether the need is spiritual, emotional, financial or social, Aleph is the single resource to help those in our communities who are often the most forgotten and alone.” says Rabbi Aaron Lipskar, the executive director at the Aleph Institute.

Says Rabbi Sholom Dovber Lipskar, Aleph Institute's founder, “ Aleph’s mission is to bring light to the darkest places, where no one else dares to go.  We become their extended family for whatever  they need from emotional support to financial support to spiritual support.”

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