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Dear Algemeiner Friend,

This year, we  served as a relentless voice of truth in the media.

Hours ago, John Kerry delivered an extensive speech justifying last week’s outrageous UN resolution, one that was riddled with falsehoods, misinformation and lacking appropriate context. The Algemeiner is working diligently, around the clock, to set the record straight.

This is just one among the many important issues facing Israel and the Jewish people that we have spoken up about, including the ongoing efforts to isolate the Jewish state at international forums; the great, looming Iranian nuclear threat; and widespread antisemitism in Europe. This year, most notably, we have shone a much needed spotlight on the plight of Jewish students at college campuses around the world.

Now we need your help to ensure that our voice will continue to grow in influence and impact in the year ahead. For the next 24 hours only, every dollar you donate will be QUADRUPLED by our generous matchers!





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This year, we would particularly like to expand the efforts of The Algemeiner's new Campus Bureau, opened earlier this year.

Among other important stories, the Campus Bureau wrote about the admiration for Adolf Hitler voiced by students at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. We also covered the violent anti-Israel protest at a movie screening at UC Irvine, and interviewed Hindu student leader Milan Chatterjee, who was hounded out of UCLA because he failed to support the boycott of Israel, simply aiming to keep his student government neutral. Additionally, we were the first to report on a course offered at UC Berkeley exploring how the Jewish state might be dismantled.

 As readers, you know that The Algemeiner has been working diligently to accurately cover these important issues, and with rampant misinformation and biased reporting in much of the global media, our task is now more important than ever before.

For the next 24 hours only, we have launched a vital campaign to raise funds that will enable us to expand our coverage. We want to delve further with our coverage and expand awareness of the issues. We believe that informing the public is the key to inspiring united activism against the great challenges of our day.


About The Algemeiner:

The famed Algemeiner newspaper serves as a foremost media voice addressing the most important issues facing Israel and Jewish communities around the world.

Factual reporting and educated opinions, presented by a broad range of writers, and over 1,250 bloggers, combat misinformation and the endemic biases of many mainstream media outlets.

CNBC has described The Algemeiner as the fastest-growing Jewish newspaper in the United States, and Technorati ranked it #1 in the 'World Authority' index. Israel's former ambassador to the United Nations, Ron Prosor, called The Algemeiner "the voice of the Jewish People and Israel."

The Algemeiner's stories have been referenced and quoted by the most prominent international outlets including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Daily Telegraph and many others.

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