Building the Future at ASKT Let's BUILD up donations, toward ASKT's BUILDING

Last year our goal was $53,000. This year we are stepping it up - our goal is $70,000!  And a significant portion of what we raise will go towards the upkeep of our beloved shul building. 

Your Donation to ASKT will go 4X as far!  Due to the generosity of our matching donors - every dollar you give will be worth $4 to ASKT!

So $100 becomes $400, $500 becomes $2000 and $1000 becomes $4000!

But we only get the matching funds if we hit our overall goal - it's all or nothing!

You can dedicate your donation in memory or in honor of someone and the dedications will scroll on the page throughout the day.

We want to wish a tremendous thank you to our matching donors:

Kenny and Robyn Karan

Elliott and Bobbi Katz

Armin and Hollie Nankin

Bruce and Jeanette Peckerman 

Bernie and Robin Cohen

Stan and Phyllis Jaspan