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New Bonus Goal $1,150,000

Wow! We hit our goal, we can reach even higher! Thanks to an additional donor we have activated a bonus round and every donation will now be doubled! That means your donations will be doubled until we hit $1,150,000!!

Camp Gan Welfare

Our new campsite - Our new home

You can help make history today!

Our community is embarking on a monumental campaign – to buy a campsite we can all call home! For the first time, we have the opportunity to purchase a campsite for our youth, giving our children a camp experience that will last a lifetime.  

The entire project will cost an estimated $2.4 million. Today we are looking to raise $1 million of that in just 24 hours

How it works:

Every $1 you give is tripled matched by generous donors, effectively quadrupling your donation!




BUT – we only have 24 hours to raise the entire amount. It’s $1 million or nothing. You decide.

You can play a role in shaping our community’s Jewish continuity. You can help us secure a better future for our youth.

Invest in our youth. Invest in our future.

Every donation helps.



About Us

Camp Gan Israel (CGI) is the biggest Jewish camp in Australia, home to over 2000 campers each year. Our camps celebrate Jewish life, instilling within our youth a strong Jewish identity and pride in our heritage

Proud Jewish children become active and engaged Jewish adults, creating the next generation of leadership within our community.

Here’s what we can do with a campsite of our own:

·      Tailor the facilities to best suit our needs.

·      Customise the venue for the most enhanced Jewish experience.

·      Host a fully Kosher kitchen.

·      Continue to expand, each year - investing in new indoor and outdoor activities.

·      Lower the costs of camp.

·      Sponsor children who can’t afford to go to camp.

Camp Gan Welfare is a public benevolent institution established to provide assistance to persons and/or families who are in necessitous circumstance. This includes financial assistance, counselling, meals and support to those who are disadvantaged by reasons of poverty, hardship or misfortune.

Services provided by Camp Gan Welfare to those in need includes: 

·         Discounts and fee waivers for children from needy/disadvantaged families to attend camp and other Chabad youth activities

·         Yad Lezra-matching 250 students with families experiencing hardship and destitution to offer practical assistance and support (Victoria only)

·         Weekly hospital and nursing home visits to the elderly and infirm overcoming loneliness and isolation. (Victoria only)

·         Training of volunteers, including comprehensive training in child protection (Victoria only)

·         Big sister/big brother mentoring program and educational support for disadvantaged youth (Victoria only)

·         Providing mentoring to young adults to assist them to gain employment, network with other professionals etc. (Victoria only)

Original Goal $1,000,000 AUD
New Bonus Goal $1,150,000 AUD
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This campaign completed successfully on
Mon, December 12, 2016 9 PM (EST)

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