Artsy - Fostering Creative Communities

Words can’t entirely give voice to the profound impact an art center may have on a neighborhood. These days, many suffer from various spiritual crises, such as adolescents’ feeling deprived of deeper emotional stimulation despite having their basic needs met.

Raising Money For

  • Budget For Art Classes
  • Renovate Or Build Art Gallery
  • Renovate or build an art gallery

The Charidy Magic Touch

Since Charidy holds the expertise when it comes to engaging and mobilizing human capital, Charidy Artsy can help fundraisers tap their community of patrons in new and exciting ways, as art today is equally relevant as it was in past history. Moreover, we have the advantage of technology, group psychology, and matching campaigns, which all generate an an environment conducive to giving and allow institutional art as well as independent craftsmanship to take center stage.

Fundraising levels

Capital improvements, museum
$1M - $10M
Medium campaigns
$100K - $1M
$50K - $100K