Why we do what we do, and why we cant stop.

Innovation • love • community • truth

Charidy is almost 4 years old. It’s been an amazing journey so far, and the next decade looks brighter still. We’re growing quickly, and as a company, we’re now planning for the future. As we look forward, we’ve realized we want to define and communicate our core values to those joining us on this incredible journey.

So we've articulated our company ideals in five principles to guide our decisions and growth, to encourage us to abide by and measure our work against them. We also recognize that we may need to revisit and refine them as our company and circumstances evolve over time.

Creating these values was a broad effort that included company-wide discussions and customer feedback. Because of this, every one of us can confidently stand by these values and commit to following them both in the way we operate internally and how we interact with the nonprofits and donors.

We value innovation, love, community, truth and high standards and we want to make sure that we uphold these principles for years to come.We encourage all of our customers to join us in protecting and upholding these values and making a more giving world.

Constantly improve and innovate
We know that the current fundraising models are frustrating, time consuming and inefficient. By understanding what motivates people to give, utilizing technology, and leveraging the ever evolving power of social-media networks, we can continue to make exceptional change.
Kindness actualized
We at Charidy have a deep love for helping those who have committed their lives to helping others. Our mission is to help nonprofit organizations optimize their fundraising methods and allow them to spend more time on what they are really passionate about - making the world better.
Foster a community of world-changers
Our vision is to foster a community of people who believe that their efforts, at any scale, can actually change the world.
Always tell the truth
Honesty and transparency are imperative at Charidy. It is important that the Charidy leadership and Team maintain a standard of open and transparent communication between each other and with our clients.
Deliver to the highest standard
When dealing with and executing high impact ambitious campaigns, our customers need to know they are dealing with professionals that have extensive knowledge of the fundraising space and the experience necessary to generate results.
We welcome you to join us on our journey toward A more giving world!