Darchai Menachem

Darchai Menachem

TODAY, the future of Darchai’s growth is in YOUR hands.



At Darchai Menachem, our teachers are attuned to each student’s unique academic and social-emotional needs and are equipped to deliver specialized support to every child.  Darchai Menachem endeavors to foster in our students a love for Hashem, a love for Torah and a love for every Jew. Our secular studies program ensures that each child has the ability to read, write and communicate effectively in the English language and is designed to support our Limudei Kodesh program. With a full range of programs, Darchai stimulates and enriches the child’s educational experience, making ordinary learning extraordinary.


You know the rules: $500,000, 24 hours, all or nothing. Until Wednesday at 12:59 pm, every donation to Darchai Menachem, big or small, gets QUADRUPLED! No matter how much you give, it is worth 4 times more.


If we succeed, we will have the resources to take our school to the next level by enhancing our current programs and launching new ones, so that every student can be his best.


As educators, we recognize that each child has so much potential. It is up to us to tap into that spark and discover the incredible gifts that each child holds. It is at Darchai Menachem that we treasure that spark, nurture it and guide its growth.


Every dollar you give has the potential to do so much more.


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