Charidy Giving day

A one-day, all-or-nothing online fundraising event that enables a group of organizations to mobilize an entire community to help them all meet their fundraising goals.

How It Works

A location (city/state), foundation, or group of cause-related organizations can create a Charidy.com Giving Day. Charidy will open registration to the organizations in your network, explain the rules, set the date, provide them with tools, and set up their own custom donation page, with their own individual fundraising total for the day of the event.

Our Fundraising Specialists will help vet and train the organizing body and each participating organization in how to set a realistic yet ambitious goal and how to spread the word to your organization’s audience and throughout your community via social media, email, PR, and advertising.

On the day of the event, all organizations’ donation pages go live, as well as one communal landing page featuring each organization and a “Everyone Fund” to collect money to be disbursed to all organizations equally.

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Why Charidy.com

Highest Yield, Shortest Timeline

In just over one year...

Raised $481.5 Million
Generated 1,239,000+ Donations
Completed 4426 Campaigns

A Charidy.com Giving Day is a revolutionary tool to leverage giving from your major supporters, your grassroots supporters, and your community at large. Charidy.com’s system of 24 hours, all or nothing, quadruple matching, and a communal jackpot fund provides maximum crowdfunding power on the shortest timeline available to raise the most money for you.

Compared to traditional fundraising, online crowdfunding days are more efficient, less labor-intensive, bring in more new donors, and higher-yield. A Giving Day maximizes the promotion of the fundraising throughout the entire community through multiple channels, increasing awareness and likelihood of your donors to give.

That means: more money and more time for you to spend on mission. Less on fundraising. It’s time to bring the non-profits in your community to the table.

Be part of it!

Let us know how to reach you and a Charidy Campaign coach will contact you shortly. For time-sensitive inquiries please email support@charidy.com