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New Bonus Goal $218,000

Wow! We hit our goal, we can reach even higher! Thanks to an additional donor we have activated a bonus round and every donation will now be doubled! That means your donations will be doubled until we hit $218,000!!

Jewish Experience of Madison

Keep JEM Jammin'

Thank you all so much for your support! 

If you are visiting the site after the clock ran out, please head over to to show your support and keep Jem Jammin' to inspire Jewish college students! 

We have a new bonus round and a bonus hour to reach $218,000!

You’re a person who cares about your Judaism. Today, partner with JEM to share your passion with college students. Your donation TODAY enables our on-campus staff to keep JEM JAMMIN’- providing quality Jewish experiences in the heart of Madison, Wisconsin.   

Shabbos meals, Torah classes, challah bakes, trips, socializing with Jewish friends, and more!

Your generous donation allows our special programming to continue.  This campaign goal is to raise $200,000.  Your donation will be DOUBLED by matchers!

Every $100 becomes $200. Every donation makes it happen!

Remember: The campaign is ALL OR NOTHING – we must raise the full amount within 24 hours, or all donations will be returned.


$500 = $1000!

$360 = $720!

$250 = $500!

$125 = $250!

We’re counting on you!  Please join us in our mission of infusing Jewish students with Jewish pride, identity, and observance!  Thank you for your continued support!


JEM is a non-profit organization providing quality programs to the 5,000 Jewish students on the UW Madison campus. Located in the heart of the campus, students come to our walk-in center to explore Judaism in a warm, accepting environment. Our students cherish their time in JEM, their “home away from home.” The caring staff host Shabbat dinners, lectures, social events, Israel trips, and Leadership Fellowships.

The goal of JEM is to empower Jewish university students with the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of their rich heritage, establishing well-educated leaders and to build a community of quality students. JEM will broaden ethical horizons, challenge assumptions, and touch one's deeper humanity.

Original Goal $200,000 USD
New Bonus Goal $218,000 USD
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This campaign completed successfully on
Thu, February 22, 2018 11 AM (EST)

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