Houston Friendship Inc

Help Me Save My Mother's Life

Houston Friendship Inc

Help Me Save My Mother's Life

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Houston Friendship Inc

Help Me Save My Mother's Life

UPDATE - FRIDAY, Dec 22nd, 9am: Due to the generosity of two incredible souls all donations made until we reach 48,000 will be Matched 2X. DOUBLE your donation for NAOMI! 

Help make a New Year Miracle 

Spread the light and spirit of giving for Naomi!

Eighteen months ago our dear beloved mother, daughter, sister, wife, and friend Naomi Gerlitz was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Naomi is 44-years old, a wife, and a mom to 6 beautiful children, ages 11 to 20.
Naomi’s diagnosis has been shocking and devastating in every way.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the scariest cancers out there. The great majority of patients suffering from pancreatic cancer are diagnosed and treated with harsh chemicals, relapse and loose the battle, statistically within one year. Naomi has defied all odds.
Naomi has exhausted the main stream protocol, having tried chemo and epigenetics, the latter credited for halting the tumor growth for months. At this point the cancer has spread and there is an urgent need to add another modality.

Thankfully, a promising gene-targeted therapy is now available here in Houston. It involves using drugs presently being prescribed in the top leading cancer hospitals, targeting genetic mutations that are driving the cancer. Two out of the four drugs are not covered by insurance, amounting to $20,000 each month.

Naomi is battling this cancer bravely, inspiring all those around her with her strength and optimism.  She has continued up until recently, to teach Emunah classes on Facebook, spreading the light every week.

Now we are turning to you, as the financial burden on the family has been severe. 

Our goal is $260,000.  

Please open your hearts and help Naomi fight against this disease that has attacked her and her family so relentlessly.

Thank you in advance for your care, love, and generosity.

The Gerlitz/Tabony/Ruttenberg families

Please note: 

The nonprofit organization receiving these funds is the “Friendship
Circle of Houston Inc. -Medical Fund.”

100% of the funds will be going to Naomi’s healing.

A tax deductible receipt for your donations will be emailed to you.