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Established in 2009, the Chabad ACT Synagogue is finally going to own its very first Torah It is a Mitzvah for every Jew to write a Sefer Torah. As this isn't always practical, our Sages have ruled that one could complete this Mitzvah by purchasing at least one letter in a communal Sefer Torah. It is a Mitzvah for one to also purchase for their children. Here is a unique opportunity to fulfil this Mitzvah for you and those you love in a Torah which will be making history as the first Torah to be completed in our Nation's Parliament. The Torah purchase was made possible thanks to principal sponsors Dr Alena Rada and Jacob Reich. However we still have a balance of $15,000 to complete the payment to the scribe and other associated Torah costs. Upon completion of each purchase a signed (letter/word etc in the Torah) certificate with the name of the person you purchased for will be mailed to your nominated address. All donations are tax deductible.
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