Set New Records

Your donors want you to succeed. Friends and family want their donations to count. And wouldn’t you love to raise a record amount in record time?

We asked thousands of donors what they look for in a charity before donating.

We studied charitable giving all through history and identified a few core principles. Guided by these insights we built Charidy: the most rewarding platform for donors and non-profits alike.

Why Charidy is the way to raise

Engage More

Donors love that they can have a huge impact with a small investment and come out of the woodwork to ensure your campaign’s success.

Raise More

Because of Charidy’s “perfectstorm” framework, regular donors greatly increase their donations on Charidy over traditional giving.

Do More

By raising record funds in record time from a record number of donors, you can go back to doing what you are really passionate about—making the world better.

Complete coaching

A Fundraising Specialist™ will hold your hand from start to success!

We’ll provide:

  • Proprietary goal-setting analysis
  • Personal Fundraising Specialist™
  • Catered marketing plan
  • Proven Charidy campaign platform
  • Matcher™ pledge verification
  • Phone, email and chat support
  • No upfront fees
  • Automated tax receipts
  • Full access to Charidy Academy™ Coming Q1 2016

PLUS! We’ll prepare you to approach matchers, recruit volunteers and rally your community to vastly increase your chances of success.

How well does it work?

Since Charidy launched in 2013, Matcher pledges and individual donations have:

Raised $274 Million
Generated 426,000+ Donations
Completed 1266 Campaigns
45% Increase in Donations
Inspired 35% First Time Donors

*Combined Matcher™ pledges and individual donations

Speak to a Fundraising Specialist today!

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