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Ohr VDaas

The Special Children


Today you have the power to help children with special needs of Yeshivas Ohr V'Daas in a meaningful way!

Thanks to a group of generous and dedicated philanthropists who are providing us with a unique challenge to raise $500,000 in 24 hours,

every dollar you donate will be QUADRUPLED!


$100 grows into  $400!

$180 grows into $720!

$1000  grows into  $4,000!

$1,800 grows into $7,200!

But it's all or nothing!

We must reach our $500,000 goal TODAY!
If we don’t reach our goal, all donations will be returned!





This is an incredible opportunity to show your support and make a real difference to bolster our work on behalf of the special children.

Yeshivas Ohr V'Daas is the only institution of its kind in Rockland County, providing schooling and Jewish culture to children with special needs. The Ohr V'Daas student body consists of special children from all communities in Rockland County and beyond, ranging in ages 5-21, with diagnoses of multiple handicaps, physical challenges, emotional/behavioral difficulties, cognitive impairment, autism, and speech, orthopedic, and hearing impairments.

Ohr V'Daas also serves children from the Tri-State area who travel daily to Ohr V'Daas, due to the amazing program and success rate. The staff of Ohr V'Daas is widely acclaimed for its professionalism and expertise, coupled with unconditional love and dedication, to empower all students to reach their full potentials and rightfully deserved place in life and society and Klal Yisroel.

By helping Ohr V'Daas, you are partnering to give our vulnerable children their best chance!


Call us with your donations at 347-770-6837


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New Bonus Goal $513,114 USD
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Wed, December 13, 2017 3 PM (EST)

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