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RAJE Philly - Explore your Jewish Identity

What if you could secure a Jewish future for Russian American Jews in just 24 hours?

70 years of Communism has robbed Russian Jews of Jewish education and community! The RAJE program is succeeding in repairing this historic wrong! 

In order to continue our important work with young Jewish professionals in the Greater Philadelphia area, educating, inspiring and sending them on FREE trips to Israel, RAJE Philly needs YOU TODAY!!!


FACT #1:

Since 2006, 4,000 participants, or over 12% of all 18 – 30 year old FSU Jews in Philly, New York, Chicago, and Toronto have completed the RAJE Fellowship program.


FACT #2:

94% of RAJE alumni marry Jewish, 52% will meet their spouses at RAJE!


FACT #3:

RAJE Alumni are involved in the Jewish Community & stand up 4 Israel!


FACT #4:

RAJE Fellowships are now in Philly, New York, Chicago & Toronto!


Here's the deal... FOR 24 HOURS ONLY - Between Wed 3 pm EDT and Thu 3 pm EDT - Every single dollar YOU contribute to RAJE will be matched by a group of three extraordinary benefactors to reach our goal of $200K!

Remember: The campaign is ALL OR NOTHING – we must raise the full $200k within 24 hours or all donations will be returned.

Every penny you donate is QUADRUPLED!


This is how it works: 


$25 MULTIPLIED BY 4X = $100

$50 MULTIPLIED BY 4X = $200

$126 MULTIPLIED BY 4X = $504

$250 MULTIPLIED BY 4X = $1,000

$1,800 MULTIPLIED BY 4X = $7,200


Be part of the FUTURE. Be part of the RAJE Revolution. All we needs is YOU!




For more info about our programs, please see the short video below or visit our website.

Please share with your family and friends!


Thank you!


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