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Empower and Protect our Students!

Today, over 260 students arrived at our school to spend the day immersed in an atmosphere of learning, exploration, discovery, friendship, and excitement.
With the rising costs of providing a quality education, in both Judaic and secular studies, your support is crucial. It will provide the vital funds necessary to ensure that we can continue to be one of New England’s premier Jewish day schools.

This campaign will also help finance the installation of a new security system, so that parents can leave their children at school, secure in the knowledge that their children are in a protected, safe environment.

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*Special thanks to our generous matchers, the Pillars and benefactors of SCHA:

Raizy and Yair Hines
Paris Realty
In Memory of Jack Schwartz, Pretoria, South Africa
Dr. John Levy
Rabbi Asher Zeilingold, St. Paul, MN
A Friend and Supporter of SCHA
Proud SCHA Parents


For 75 years, SCHA (formerly New Haven Hebrew Day School) has impacted thousands of Jewish lives across the globe. Celebrating individuality, diversity, and the unique strengths of each student, our team of dedicated educators constantly strive to foster a lifelong passion for learning, providing the tools for growth, success, and dynamic Jewish living.


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