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In Honor of Meyer Nigri

New Bonus Goal $1,100,000

Wow! We hit our goal, we can reach even higher! Thanks to an additional donor we have activated a bonus round and every donation will now be doubled! That means your donations will be doubled until we hit $1,100,000!!

Shluchim Office

A Million for the Shluchim's Children


All Bonus Round donations will be in honor of two Shluchim's children who are currently in critical condition.  

לזכות ולרפואה שלימה של ילדי השלוחים הזקוקים לרפו"ש באופן מיידי:
מנחם מענדל בן חיה שרה יענטא שיחי
חיה מושקא בת פערלא שתחי

* * *

We did it! Thank you to the entire community for stepping up and making this goal happen.

Thank you to Keren Meromim for taking us over the top!

  Thanks to a new Generous Matcher "In honor of Meyer Nigri" we are raising our goal to $1.1 Million


* * *

One Million for the Shluchim's Children!

Thousands of children across the globe depend on the programs of The Shluchim Office. Many of them live in far off and remote towns, with no friends like themselves.

A group of generous and dedicated philanthropists are providing us with a unique challenge to raise $1 million in 24 hours towards the programs we offer to the children of Shluchim.

The Shluchim Office departments include the Nigri International Jewish Online School and Friendship Circle International.

* * *

Every dollar you donate will be QUADRUPLED!

$250 grows into $1000!
$175 grows into $700!
$100 grows into $400!

But it's all or nothing! We must reach our $1,000,000 goal TODAY. If we don’t reach our goal, we’ll return your donation.

* * *

About The Shluchim Office:

Most people know of the sacrifice that Shluchim make to share the Rebbe’s vision with the world. But few recognize how much the Rebbe invested to make it less of a sacrifice.

During a farbrengen in 5746 (1986), the Rebbe asked that a central organization be established where every shliach can turn to for help.

The Shluchim Office was born.

For the past 28 years, we have worked to fulfill the Rebbe’s request, serving Shluchim worldwide so they can focus on their Shlichus.

One of our most important responsibilities is to the Shliach’s own children. The Rebbe referred to these children - young girls and boys born to the life of shlichus - as his children.

Thousands of children of shluchim across the globe depend on the programs of The Shluchim Office. Many of them are in far off and remote towns, with no friends like themselves.

* * *

 Our Matchers:

Mr. Meyer Nigri

Dr. Joseph Walder, Skokie IL

In honor of Meyer Nigri

The Shul Community of Bal Harbor, Bay Harbor, Islands, Surfside, and Indian Creek Island

Reb Eliezer Kornhauser


Reb Zev Rudolph


Reb Yossi Schneerson


Reb Moshe Weiss L’eilei nishmas Rochel bas Sarah


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To learn more about how we will be spending $1 Million



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New Bonus Goal $1,100,000 USD
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