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We partner with Universities to Fundraise, Brandraise and Crowdraise through our unparalleled Giving Day program


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Charidy fuses technology know-how, vibrant messaging and volunteer engagement, to rally campus liaisons, ambassadors and alumni, igniting a student-led, mission driven fundraising effort.

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# Technology platform

Built for Faculty - loved by Students
Our tech platform is built for faculty and is optimized to best suit the mobile student. Our admin dashboard, peer-to-peer features, leaderboard page, social integrations, and challenge programs promote maximum student and alumni commitment.
  • Tagboard integration
  • iModule CRM integration
  • Integrated with over 15 processing companies including Touchnet
  • Now accepting

# Student Volunteer Recruitment

Any successful Giving Day is led by the students, for the students. At Charidy, we provide a guerilla marketing strategy to galvanize student leaders, harnessing campus energy and talent with the goal of escalating student and alumni engagement.
Get ready to turn your student volunteers into influencers and ambassadors for your University.

# Messaging / Storytelling

Charidy works with you to create an uplifting campaign theme and message, featuring an original visual brand and ready-to-share social campaign.
Our creative strategists collaborate with your marketing team - and student leadership - to formulate a unique, timely and empowering message.

# Matching Magic

Like no other crowdfunding service, Charidy provides a platform for matching donations. This will allow you to leverage university mega-donors by engaging them in your crowdfunding efforts.
  • Matchers

    You can aim for 2X, 3X, or 4X return on each donation, and we will help you decide how many matchers marks the X. Double, Triple or Quadruple Your Impact!

  • Challenge Grants

    Challenge your individual schools or groups to compete for grant funding.

  • Hourly Matching

    Gamify your giving day with hourly matching incentives.

  • Corporate Matching

    Double The Donation™ finds thousands of employers that will match their employee’s gifts!

# Management

  • 8 Step Success Program

    Through our 8-Step Ultimate Success Program, success becomes more than a dollar amount. Our consultants guide you to high-impact and long-lasting results, from feasibility and goal setting, all the way to post campaign analysis.

  • Team

    The Charidy team is currently in thirteen locations around the world, including New York, New Jersey, Florida, California, Russia, Argentina, Australia, and Israel, designed to fit your university’s expansive reach.

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