Pledge letter

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Charidy Matcher™ Pledge Agreement



I, ___________________ hereby pledge and agree to pay the sum of $_______________ to _______________________ (“recipient”) as a matching contribution on their Charidy campaign.


In consideration of the pledge, I will be included in and mentioned as a MatcherTM on the platform. In accordance with organization policy, this contribution will be treated as tax exempt and will be disbursed in full  to the Organization within one year of the campaign.


This pledge is contingent on a successful Charidy campaign totaling at least $________________, including matching and crowdfunded donations, within the 24 hour period of the campaign. If I have agreed to this pledge prior to this campaign, this agreement supersedes any previous pledges between all parties.


Nothing expressed or referred to in this Agreement will be construed to give any person or entity, other than the recipient and the pledger, any legal or equitable right, remedy, or claim under or with respect to this Agreement.


By signing this Agreement, I agree to Charidy’s Terms of Use ( and Privacy Policy (, which are hereby incorporated into this Agreement to the same extent and with the same force as if fully set forth herein.