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Caring Mums - a program of the NCJWA (Vic)

Because it takes a village

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**We thank our Bonus Round Matchers Aurora Early Education, Susie Ivany, and the Leo & Mina Fink Fund**

Caring Mums is raising money to provide more support to more women and to expand our reach.

We would like to introduce Claudia who is an older mother.  She feels very isolated and alone as all of her friends have returned to work with all of their children being full time in school.  Claudia is finding the adjustment to being an older first time mum really difficult.  Grief over the death of her own mother many years ago re-emerged when the baby was born. Having her Caring MumSue, visit weekly, has made a real difference in Claudia’s life, providing her with non-judgmental emotional support – a real anchor.

Quote from a mum about the program:
“Motherhood…it’s a huge change not only physically, but mentally, you’re not working, you’ve got a young person who is totally dependent on you. Your sense of
self changes as an individual as well. It’s a very vulnerable time, and relationships change, relationship roles I think having  my Caring Mum there provided an outlet to talk about all those changes.”



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Remember: the campaign is ALL OR NOTHING – we must raise the full amount within 24 hours, or NO donations will be processed.



About Us

Caring Mums is a program of the National Council of Jewish Women (Victoria).  Our mission is to power women and girls to create a better world. 


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New Bonus Goal $136,000 AUD
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