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New Bonus Goal $90,000

Wow! We hit our goal, we can reach even higher! Thanks to an additional three donors we have activated a bonus round and every donation will now be quadrupled! That means your donations will be quadrupled until we hit $90,000!!

Chabad of Carnegie Mellon University

Rise Up CMU

It’s time to rise.


For the past nine years, Chabad of Carnegie Mellon University has ignited sparks of Judaism in the hearts and minds of the young men and women destined to become our future leaders, innovators and educators.


Today, we at Chabad of CMU continue our commitment to hundreds of students, giving them the care, support and guidance to rise above all challenges and unleash their one-of-a-kind impact in the world.


Together we can rise even HIGHER. Thanks to some incredible sponsors, every dollar we raise today, will be quadrupled!!!!


If you give $1000….your donation is worth $4,000!

If you give $500….your donation is worth $2,000!

If you give $360…your donation is worth $1,440!

If you give $180….your donation is worth $720!


We have just 24-hours to rise to the challenge!


Help Our Students...

...RISE for Jewish connection...

...RISE for exciting and enriching social events...

...RISE for personal growth and impact...

...RISE for dynamic university living and learning!


How will YOU Rise???



Chabad at Carnegie Mellon University is a vibrant and dynamic resource for Jewish life at CMU, dedicated to providing every Jew – regardless of background, philosophy, or level of commitment – with a welcoming environment and a home away from home.



Original Goal $80,000 USD
New Bonus Goal $90,000 USD
89% Complete
11% Complete 113%
This campaign completed successfully on
Thu, December 7, 2017 1 PM (EST)

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  1. Shlomo and Chani Silverman $28.00
    Good Yom Tov!
  2. Sara Preger $8.00
    Keep up the amazing work!!!
  3. אלעד ואסתר $4.00
    לרפואת כל ישראל ובתוכם ידידה אסתר בת מרים ושולמית בת טובה
  4. Aaron Mishael $8.00
  5. D. Sirota $40.00
  6. Marc R $20.00
    Altheim Group
  7. Anonymous $20.00
  8. We Want To Be A Part Of It $12.00
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