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Wow! We hit our goal, we can reach even higher! Thanks to an additional three donors we have activated a bonus round and every donation will now be quadrupled! That means your donations will be quadrupled until we hit $1,500,000!!

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The Tony Briggs ('85) Indigenous Scholarship Appeal

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**Thank you to our very generous community for helping us reach our initial target. We have now set a bonus target of $1,500,000 to provide a 2nd indigenous scholarship in Tony Briggs’ name.

Every donation will continue to be quadrupled thanks to our bonus round matchers! **

Please continue to support and enable us to create another Indigenous scholarship in perpetuity.



To support the Scotch College Indigenous Scholarship program, we are hosting an innovative on-line 24-hour fundraising event. The aim is to raise $750,000 to endow, in perpetuity, the Tony Briggs (’85) Indigenous Scholarship. This would be the School’s first endowed indigenous scholarship, named after pioneering indigenous student, Tony Briggs, from the Class of 1985. Tony is a most successful actor, writer and producer, who firmly believes much of his success has been built on the self-confidence and purpose established during his Scotch years.

In the long term, and with the support of the Scotch Family, we are seeking to establish a perpetual Indigenous Scholarship Fund, which will support up to 10 indigenous students at Scotch at any one time, ensuring that this successful and inspiring program continues to enrich our school culture, and creates a lasting impact.

The Tony Briggs Indigenous Scholarship will be the first of these ten endowed scholarships. We thank you for giving the gift of a Scotch education to indigenous Australians.



Every $1 you donate is QUADRUPLED, i.e. Scotch will get $4.

Every donation will be matched by our generous donor matchers, to help us reach our goal of $750,000.




Type in the amount you want to give and it will multiply by 4. We will display how great your impact is and how much we will receive.

Remember: the campaign is ALL OR NOTHING – we must raise the full amount within 24 hours, or NO donations will be processed.

$500 transforms into $2000!

$360 transforms into $1440!

$250 transforms into $1000!

$125 transforms into $500!



The Scotch College Indigenous Program aims to embed indigenous and non-indigenous students, staff and the broader school community in the foundational belief that education is both the key and hope for the future of indigenous Australians.

Our Indigenous Scholarship Program ensures that, during the most influential years of their lives, some 1880 Scotch boys have opportunity to learn from, and develop friendships with, indigenous students.  

In the last 11 years, 17 indigenous students have successfully completed Year 12 and have enriched the School’s social, academic, sporting and other co-curricular activities and programs.

At Scotch these boys develop the skills and the confidence to walk in both worlds of contemporary Australia. Scotch takes an innovative approach to community partnerships, academic support and mentorship. Fundamental to this is the support, encouragement and mentoring the boys receive from Scotch staff.

We measure our success not only by completion rates, but also by the positive choices that our graduates have made in their lives beyond Scotch. By having access to a Scotch education, boys taking part in the program can become role models in their own communities.


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New Bonus Goal $1,500,000 AUD
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